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Kingsman could be used to create the perfect element as a countertop, sink and backsplash in a butler’s pantry or study with a wet bar. It offers a stunning backdrop to black cabinetry with brass hardware, as well as a brass faucet and one or two of these gorgeous Jonathan Adler chandeliers. 

1 | Lighting • 2 | Element Surfaces Kingsman Quartz • 3 | Wine Refrigerator • 4 | Faucet • 5 | Cabinet Pulls • 6 | Cabinet Latches • 7| Glass Barware • 8 | Black Cabinetry • 9 | Herringbone Wood Floors • 10 | Rug

Featured Designer: Lisa Scibilia


150 150 Taylor Tedford

There is something so delicious about cool grey paired with the warmth of wood! Cobblestone gives a cool, modern vibe to rustic elements – just imagine this countertop with white lower cabinetry, wood shelves above for dishes, and this stunning wood shiplap hood over a sleek stove.  A patterned backsplash tile brings in a graphic punch as well as a colorful piece of art to give this space some personality and tie it all together.

1 | Backsplash Tile • 2 | Element Surfaces Cobblestone • 3 | White Cabinetry • 4 | “Leaving Ojai” print by Sue Prue• 5 | White Pitcher • 6 | Wood Shelves • 7 | Dishtowel • 8 | Range • 9 | Wood Shiplap Hood • 10 | Utensil Holder

Featured Designer: Lisa Scibilia


150 150 Taylor Tedford

Lisa envisioned using Kingsman as a countertop, sink and backsplash in a butler’s pantry or study with a wet bar, as a stunning backdrop to black cabinetry with brass hardware. A brass faucet and one or two of these gorgeous Jonathan Adler chandeliers completes the element.

1 | Lighting • 2 | Element Surfaces Kingsman Quartz • 3 | Wine Refrigerator • 4 | Faucet • 5 | Cabinet Pulls • 6 | Cabinet Latches • 7| Glass Barware • 8 | Black Cabinetry • 9 | Herringbone Wood Floors • 10 | Rug

Featured Designer: Lisa Scibilia


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Cardigan quartz is a beautiful alternative to soft and porous soapstone. The combination of this dark and lovely countertop material and white cabinetry is a classic pairing.  A touch of brass on the appliances mixes up the metals in the room and keeps it interesting, and adding statement lighting like the iconic Darlana linear lantern along with some warm, rustic wood tones creates a timeless kitchen that family and friends are sure to linger in.  

1 | Light • 2 | Table • 3 | Element Surfaces Cardigan • 4 | White Cabinetry • 5 | White Oak Flooring • 6 | Rug • 7 | Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White • 8 | White Appliances • 9 | Door Knob • 10 | Cabinet Ring Pull • 11 | Cabinet Knob

Featured Designer: Lisa Scibilia

Casco Bay

150 150 Taylor Tedford

For Casco Bay I envision a serene bathroom reminiscent of a sandy beach in whites and creams, with the jumping off point being the pretty coastal art.  White cabinetry, tub, sinks and subway tile with the soft contrast of Casco Bay countertops and an iridescent accent tile, perhaps as a niche in the shower for shampoo.  A white wood bead light fixture wrapped in twine is a nod to the natural elements and the chrome faucet and tub filler reminiscent of the sunlight dancing across the waves of the ocean.  

1 | Lighting • 2 | Chrome Sink Faucet • 3 | Element Surfaces Casco Bay • 4 | White Cabinetry • 5 | 4×12 Subway Tile • 6 | Iridescent Accent Tile • 7 | Soaking Tub • 8 | Chrome Tub Filler • 9 | Art • 10 | Towels

Featured Designer: Lisa Scibilia


150 150 Taylor Tedford

Featuring our beautiful Newport stone as it’s centerpiece, this bathroom offers a modern warmth that is trendy, yet classic. Golden hardware throughout the bathroom will play off the golden tones in Newport, and tie in the various elements of the space. We’ve chosen a stunning charcoal paint to darken the walls and bring attention to the vanity, and an intricate tile that complements the brown and grey tones in Newport, while offering a feminine touch. For flooring we’ve chosen a soft whitewashed “wood” tile that brightens the space and brings an airiness to the room, completing this element.

Delicate Details

The mirror’s gold finish ties in the golden hardware throughout the bathroom, and it’s shape adds a touch of personality and style.

We chose this sconce to offer a soft milky light, because florescent doesn’t look good on anyone.

This rug plays off the shower’s tile, while it’s soft pink and blue tones complete the space.

This stunning tile’s intricate design brings texture to the shower, and ties the rug into the bathroom.

Featured Designer: Maddie Bouma

Mixed Media Design

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This Monday, We’re Mixing Things Up

“The trend this year is mixing unexpected materials such as quartz and wood.”

Mixing Stone and Wood in Design, by Element Surfaces

Since the beginning of 2018 the home design industry has experienced a rapid growth in mixed media design. We recognize the importance of countertops as a focal point of kitchen design, so this month we’ve crafted a beautiful Mixed Media element to help you visualize the way you can integrate multiple textures in your space, and take your design to the next level.

Zebrano is a perfect countertop to integrate a natural look and an organic warmth. Its soft tones with light veining are stunning. Torano‘s soft veining won’t feel too harsh in the space, but will allow it to blend well while it’s soft grey undertones will coordinate perfectly with the black hardware that we’ve chosen. In order to contrast the wood countertop, and tie in the Torano we’ve chosen a unique tile floor. Shape is very important to design because of the visual interest that it brings, and this floor does just that.

We would paint the cabinets in this space Silver Marlin (2139-50), it’s soft look adds calmness to the space, and it’s a gorgeous compliment to the Zebrano. Ice Mist (2123-70) will pair perfectly with the light green of Silver Marlin. This white wall color has a greenish undertone that will tie the cabinets in to the space.

We’ve chosen a sleek black faucet with a concrete sink to contrast the warmth of the Zebrano wood, and offer visual interest to the space. Sleek black hardware will pair well with the faucet and bring consistency to the space.

Lighting is the perfect way to add a touch of fun. We’ve chosen these gorgeous circular hanging balls that can be customized to complete your vision.

The ideal bar stool to tie this room together features a wooden seat and metal legs, bringing in every element of your design.

Featured Designer: Maddie Bouma

Hallcrest Stone

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Feelin’ a little Moodie this Monday?

Us Too.

A Hallcrest Kitchen, by Element Surfaces

Hallcrest’s subtle mix of white, grey, and black speckling appeals to a neutral palette while bringing texture and life to your space. This stone is the perfect choice for the busy mom who hates seeing every crumb. If your kids (or husband) are prone to eating plateless – Hallcrest has your back. It’s soft speckling offers a natural disguise to the daily wear and tear that a lived-in kitchen undergoes. While all Element Stone surfaces are stain, heat, and scratch resistant Hallcrest has the added advantage of being able to hide any natural tarnishing which may occur over time.

The kitchen can often feel like a messy and chaotic area of the house- like when you were supposed to leave 20 minutes ago and your son’s asking you where his homework is and your daughter’s whining about taking the bus and your husband’s asking you where his jacket is and you can’t find a clean coffee cup and you’d kill for 10 seconds of quiet. With all of the craziness that usually occurs in the kitchen we strive to create an element that naturally combats an impending breakdown. Therefore we recommend choosing a paint color which induces feelings of cleanliness and calmness, such as Soft Chinchilla by Benjamin Moore. This dusky blue adds a soft pop of color and pairs nicely with Hallcrest Stone.

We love choosing a backsplash that can add dimension and texture to your element. This gorgeous leaflike white tile brings in a natural vibe and it’s stark white color contrasts, yet compliments, the natural look with a touch of sleek modernism. A white shaker cabinet offers a bit of a traditional feel and sleek black hardware adds weight to boldly contrast the white. Blending traditional and modern styles offers both visual interest and appeal.

Your kitchen should be a reflection of yourself, and a herringbone natural hardwood floor adds personality and character. As does this matte black sink, which coordinates perfectly with the countertops and the cabinet hardware, while offering a unique and original twist. To add a touch of shine to a room with mostly matte finishes we recommend choosing a stainless steel faucet. We chose an Edison faucet that is both funky and functional.

To complete this element we’ve chosen a dark grey modern refrigerator. It’s color coordinates perfectly with our sink and hardware, and the stainless steel handles tie in the sink faucet, perfectly balancing the space.

Featured Designer: Maddie Bouma

Barrington Stone

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Get Motivated this Monday


A Barrington Kitchen, by Element Surfaces

This warm white substrate offers an elevated finish that is perfect for your kitchen or bathroom. Barrington’s light striations add a touch of sophistication that has quickly made it a favorite amongst both designers and homeowners.

Two-toned cabinets have been becoming increasingly popular in the past few years. Add your own twist by making the bottom cabinets a deeper shade of blue using Benjamin Moores color “Blue Nose.” Adding a funky mid-century modern lighting fixture in the same tone of blue will modernize the space and add a pop of color the the ceiling drawing the eyes up, which is great for kitchens with tall ceilings! Also, remember to opt for a multi-colored back splash to add a little more saturation and dimension to your kitchen. We love this glass mosaic combo from Jeffrey Court!

A lot of people don’t realize how textiles can be used in the kitchen. Adding a hand-woven rug will add even more warmth to the space and also bring some texture to the ground. We love this one from Anthropologie with it’s uneven, broken lines.
Barrington has a warm undertone, so we wanted to bring that out through the mixed metals in the kitchen. We used brass or copper for everything from the cabinet pulls to the hanging pots the plants live in. Stainless steel appliances are great because they never go out of style.

**idea hack. Instead of going with stainless steel appliances, go with a copper finish. It will make the kitchen a little more flashy! If you’re a person looking for a little extra bling this would be perfect! 

Seating options can be a hard choice for a kitchen since so many people tend to congregate in this space. We love these completely wooden stools! They are perfect for a bar space, or can easily be lined up along the wall when you are not using them.  Since they are a solid material they don’t compete with the rest of the space, and add a warmth that picks up on Barrington’s veining.

Featured Designer: Meredith Matsakis

Element Essentials

Benjamin Moore Paint Color Blue Nose – 800

White Oak Flooring with a texturized Gray Finish

Jeffrey Court’s Glass Mosaic Tiles for the Backsplash

Amazon’s Hanging Brass Planters

Wooden Stools

Anthropologie’s Tufted Rainfall Rug

Sazerac Stitches 6-light mid century modern style chandelier

Madison Stone

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We’re a little Moodie, but it keeps Monday interesting. Check it out.


A Madison Bathroom, by Element Surfaces

This stunning white and cream based quartz with light grey veining is one of our favorites in the Element Stone line. It’s soft white coloring and grey striations mimic marble’s natural veining, giving you the natural look you love, without the constant maintenance marble requires.

Madison will pair perfectly with Benjamin Moore’s Cascade White paint. This beautiful blue-green-grey shade compliments Madison beautifully, while bringing a peaceful and airy feel to your bathroom. A simple black honeycomb tile contrasts our countertop and wall color, and will give the room balance.

In order to add some warmth and texture to the room we suggest a natural wood open vanity. This simple touch will add a homey element to the room, and allow you to showcase your fun new towels, bringing a pop of color into an otherwise neutral space. A gorgeous patterned rug like the one shown will play off of each color in the room, and tie them all together.

A bathroom isn’t complete without a stunning shower! White subway tiles with a sleek black rain showerhead gives a timeless look to the bathroom. A gorgeous modern free-standing tub brings an elegant and serene feeling to the bathroom; transforming the room into a peaceful escape.

We love to use lighting to transform spaces into elements where homeowners truly feel at home. This retro light will bring a fun vibe to an otherwise classic space, and add a touch of personality. Stark and sleek matte black hardware will pop against our beautiful Madison, while adding depth and feeling to the space. A lovely black circular hanging mirror will complete your element.

Featured Designer: Madyson Bouma

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